The heating and cooling system is a vital part of every home. It provides comfort and convenience during extreme temperatures and allows you to maintain a safe environment for everyone living in your household. Considering how much misinformation exists, distinguishing fact from fiction can be very challenging. This guide helps you do just that by discussing and dispelling the most common HVAC myths. Doing so makes it possible for you to get the most out of your HVAC system without overworking it or causing it to quit prematurely.

Five of the myths we often hear are that HVAC systems are only good for heating and cooling a home, closing vents restricts airflow and saves households money, the need for maintenance work on HVAC is unnecessary, during the summer, you can turn the HVAC system on and off in a manner to save money, and a fan will cool my home just fine.

Let’s explore each misconception in-depth, so we can explain why it isn’t true and how it harms your HVAC system. We’ll start by exploring the role of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning set-ups. It helps the average person expand their knowledge base of one of the most vital systems inside their homes.

1. HVAC Systems are Only Good for Heating and Cooling a Home

An HVAC system is a complex system consisting of many parts and purposes. Although it’s best known for its ability to heat and cool homes, it does other things. For example, many people forget the ventilation part of HVAC systems. This part of the system makes it possible to maintain a healthy living environment by removing impurities from the air caught in the filter as air flows through the vents.

HVAC systems also remove excess humidity from the home, keeping it free of mold and mildew growth which can overtake areas of the residence quickly. In rooms such as bathrooms, where humid conditions are normal, it’s not unusual to see mold growing on walls and tile. To avoid such problems, having suitable ventilation installed in the room that includes a fan and vent makes a considerable difference in fighting the growth of harmful substances.

Now that you know that HVAC systems are not just for heating and cooling a home, let’s talk about closed vents and how they can cost you more money than leaving them open. This myth is one that many people believe and spend a great deal of time doing. In addition to losing money, you also create an additional household task for yourself that doesn’t improve conditions in the home.

2. Closing Vents Restricts Airflow and Saves Households Money

There are better ways to save money on heating and cooling your home. Closing the vents to restrict airflow, isn’t it? The HVAC system is still operating at full capacity despite it only heating or cooling specific rooms in the house. A better way to make your home more energy-efficient and cost-effective is to open and close your window blinds or curtains to let the heat from the sun in during colder months of the year or to keep it from making your house hotter than it needs to be in the summer.

A well-maintained HVAC system that sees a service tech several times a year is a better option for saving money. Although there is the cost of the visit, what the professional does for you to keep your heater, ventilation, and air conditioner working is well worth every dollar spent. You get the highest return on your investment by avoiding expensive repairs that threaten to drain your savings. You can’t exactly ignore an HVAC issue if the temperatures outdoors are extreme.

Saving energy is possible but not something that is easily achievable in older homes. You can ask the service tech you hire for additional tips to make your house more energy-efficient. They likely know of a few ideas you haven’t yet thought about today. Tap into their knowledge so you can avoid calling them for emergency repairs in the middle of the night.

3. The Need for Maintenance Work on HVAC Systems is Unnecessary

Don’t do yourself a disservice and believe this fictional statement. It will cost you more money in the long run because it allows small problems with the HVAC system to go undetected by you. When a service tech comes to inspect the heater, vents, and air conditioner, they have a checklist of things to go over. They’ll give your system a thorough inspection before telling you it’s ok to start using it again.

You will save money by locating an excellent company to give your business to at the beginning of your homeownership. Building a relationship with a company you trust ensures that you’re never without the highest level of customer satisfaction possible. You have a chance to test a company’s services and see if they’re what you hoped they would be that day.

4. Turning the HVAC System On and Off Saves Money During the Year

You cannot expect to save money on your home energy bills by abruptly stopping the air conditioner or heater. Turning the machine off and on requires a lot of extra energy. Many parts make up the HVAC system, and each cools down or heats up when you’re constantly switching them on and off. If you’re looking for better ways to lower your monthly utility bills, consider investing in better or more insulation for your home.

There are reasons why people believe myths about HVAC systems. Thanks to this short explanation, you have a better idea of how your heater, ventilation, and air conditioner work. Possessing the knowledge to use and care for your HVAC system properly enables you to get the most use out of it for years without needing to repair it often or replace it altogether.

You can put your HVAC system on a timer but powering it down completely and restarting it is something we don’t advise doing. It can cause unnecessary wear and tear on the system and make it impossible to avoid deterioration of parts. It also makes it, so you go through refrigerant faster, and you need it to cool your home. Resist the urge to flip the switch on and off in hopes of reducing your home energy bill.

5. A Fan Will Cool My Home Just Fine

Fans are lifesavers, don’t get us wrong. Still, they don’t take the place of a properly working HVAC system. You need several high-powered fans to generate the cool air that a good air conditioner produces. You can use fans on days where the temperatures aren’t at record highs and even to help distribute the cooled air efficiently.

It’s important to remember that a drafty home isn’t going to stay cool for long. You’re better off taking care of gaps between window frames and door frames and replacing old insulation for a better type than trying to reduce costs by restricting your energy use to a single standing fan or ceiling fan. You’ll feel satisfied knowing that everyone in your home, residents, and guests alike, feel cool and comfortable no matter which room they decide to spend time in during the day.

There are high-powered fans that require a lot of electricity to run. You can invest in them, but it’s counter-productive to think that the HVAC system won’t do a better job of cooling your house’s rooms. Instead, use fans with your AC. You can put the fan on a lower setting as a way to direct the airflow from room to room or to cool you down quickly after being outdoors in the sun.

Dispel Myths So You Can Get the Best Use Out of Your HVAC System Today

It’s understandable how misinformation spreads. One person believes something to be true and tells another what they know. Then that person tells another person until it becomes very commonplace not to know how an HVAC system actually operates. By following the advice listed here, you can avoid all sorts of issues with your heater and air conditioner. You’ll be in an advantageous place to correct your family and friends when they tell you something false about HVAC systems.

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Part of what sets us apart from other companies in the area that work on HVAC systems is our willingness to educate our customers. We share information that you’ll consider beneficial on our website and blog. We make it a point to help you become as knowledgeable about your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system as much as possible. That way, when someone tells you something fictional, you won’t fall for it hook, line, and sinker every time.