The HVAC system is one of your home’s most expensive components. Accordingly, you expect it to perform like a champ when you need it.

Of course, things can occasionally go wrong even when you have a top-of-the-line AC system. When something does not seem to be operating as it should, you do not necessarily have to call for a technician right away.

Instead, it may be wise to do a bit of your own troubleshooting to see if you can resolve the problem by yourself. Sometimes, the solution is as simple as either cleaning or replacing your system’s filter.

Nonetheless, nothing can take the place of having routine maintenance checks performed on your AC system. A little inexpensive maintenance and repair on a periodic basis may be just what is needed to keep your AC running in top form. It can also help you to avoid the unexpected expense and inconvenience of a sudden break down.

When it’s time for routine maintenance to be performed, you can rely on the expert technicians from Delaware Heating and Cooling to provide the necessary service that will keep your AC system running the way that you expect it to.

If your AC system suddenly stops working in the middle of a heat wave, then call Delaware Heating and Cooling. We do everything possible to prioritize service calls on non-functioning AC systems during the summer. With our know-how and warehouse full of common parts and equipment, we can probably get your AC system functioning again in a surprisingly short time.

What If Your Air Conditioning Unit Stops Working?

It’s the middle of summer, and the heat is on. You’re looking forward to nothing more than simply being able to relax in your AC-cooled home.

Unfortunately, something is wrong. You notice it as soon as you walk in the door. Sure, your home is cooler than the outside air, but not by much. What’s going on?

The problem may be the AC unit’s condenser.

What’s a condenser? It’s one of the components of your AC system that that you’ll find in the outdoor unit. A copper refrigerant tube connects the outside unit with the indoor part of the AC system. It’s the job of the air conditioner to pull hot air from your home’s interior, change it into cold air and then release that cooled air back into your home.

The condenser has the responsibility for pumping the cold refrigerant from the outside unit to the inside unit. It is the refrigerant that absorbs heat from the air in the interior of your home and transforms it into vapor. Once the vaporized refrigerant has absorbed as much heat as it can, it gets pumped back outdoors to the condenser. Then, the condenser intakes the warmed vapor, continuing the heating process until the vapor becomes a super-hot gas.

Now that the refrigerant is superheated, the heat begins to be released into the outside air. When most of the heat has been expelled, the refrigerant transforms back into a liquid, and the cooled refrigerant is pumped back to the inside unit.

Maintenance for Air Conditioner Condensers

If you suspect that your AC unit’s condenser is not functioning properly, then it makes sense to call the technicians at Delaware Heating and Cooling for some repair and maintenance. With their training and experience, these technicians are able to diagnose the reasons for the condenser’s failure, including malfunctions and damage. The technician also will check out other components in the system to ensure that all problem areas are identified.

When Things Go Wrong

You can tell that your AC unit is not functioning as well as it could be. It is possible that you are noticing symptoms such as:

  • Inefficient or ineffective cooling
  • Continuous running
  • Cycling on and off too frequently
  • Strange noises are coming from either the outdoor unit or the indoor system
  • AC system won’t even turn on

All of these can be extremely distressing, especially when it’s late summer, and your family is uncomfortable.

Fortunately, the experts at Delaware Heating and Cooling usually can identify problems with AC units and fix them in one visit. If additional parts are needed, we can get them quickly, and have them installed fast to ensure that your family’s comfort is maximized.

What’s Wrong With Your AC Unit?

Numerous issues could be causing your AC system to malfunction. Some of the most common problems include:

  • Suction lines that are blocked or damaged
  • Debris caught in the coils
  • Electrical problems
  • Low refrigerant charge
  • Compressor contaminants
  • Lubricant levels

Suction, or refrigerant, lines sometimes do develop cracks or holes over time. These defects inhibit refrigerant flow, forcing the whole system to work overtime. The first sign of this problem is that your home won’t be as cool as it used to be, even though the system may be running for longer time periods.

When there is dirt or other debris in the condenser coil, it limits the coil’s ability to release hot air. Once again, the system has to work overtime, but it will take a long time to cool your house.

When you are experiencing electrical issues connected to your AC system, the unit may collect a buildup of acid that damages the wiring. When an AC unit suddenly shuts down, acid may be the culprit.

A refrigerant leak may be responsible for your AC unit’s sudden inability to efficiently cool your home. These leaks may occur through holes or cracks in the refrigerant lines. A low refrigerant charge can cause the system to overheat and damage the unit.

The outdoor portion of your AC system is particularly susceptible to contaminants. These may include leaves, bird droppings, dirt, bacteria, fungi and even insects. Taken together, these contaminants can wreak havoc on your AC unit’s efficiency.

Your AC condenser needs lubricant to run well. When lubricant levels drop, then the condenser is liable to fail. Accordingly, it is wise to ask an expert air conditioning technician to examine your system for lubricant levels.

Is It Time to Repair or Replace Your AC System?

Many problems and malfunctions that occur with air conditioning units can be prevented by having regular maintenance performed by an experienced and knowledgeable technician from Delaware Heating and Cooling.

These service visits don’t take much time, and they are exceptionally affordable, especially when compared with the repairs that will be necessary if routine maintenance is ignored.

Of course, even the best-maintained air conditioning system will not last forever. Most modern AC systems are designed to last for at least one or two decades. If your home has an air conditioning unit that is this old or even older, then chances are good that you could benefit from having that system replaced.

Air conditioning is not a new concept, but the technology that enables you to have it in your home has definitely improved in recent years. Today’s AC units are more efficient than ever before. They may save you money on your energy bills while also keeping your home cooler and more comfortable than it has been in years.

While the upfront cost of a new AC unit can be daunting, the expense is usually well worthwhile. An updated HVAC system adds considerably to your home’s value while also making it a much nicer place to live.

Plus, you’ll save more money over the long run by having a more efficient system.

When your AC system fails you or isn’t running as efficiently as it used to, call Delaware Heating and Cooling. It may be possible to address any issues with a simple repair or replacement of a vital component.

On the other hand, if it’s been decades since you had a new AC unit, then maybe it’s time to invest in making your home a cooler, more comfortable place to live.