Installing central air conditioning in your home boosts comfort, value, and energy savings! In fact, installing central air is one of the smartest decisions any homeowner can make. With systems being more efficient than ever before, there’s never been a better time to look into central air. Take a look at the benefits you can look forward to once your air conditioning (AC) system has been updated to keep things cool, comfortable, and sustainable inside your home.

1. Quiet Cooling

If you’ve been roughing it with a window AC unit, you already know how jarring the sound of running one of these units can be. Attempting to watch television, take a nap, listen to music, or hold a conversation can be frustrating when the sounds of your cooling system take over a room. With central air, you can enjoy a perfectly peaceful setting without interruption. The reason why central air is quiet is that the compressor, condenser, and fan are all housed in an outdoor unit.

2. Cooling Without the Eyesore

Window AC units aren’t just loud. They’re also visually unappealing. Shoving a unit into a window creates a sloppy aesthetic. What’s more, window units take up lots of space. This can make it hard to know where to place the furniture. You also have to be concerned about losing a good view from your window. By contrast, central air is completely hidden.

3. Safety and Security

There’s also the concern that window units require your windows to remain partially open. Yes, that means that burglars only have to remove your window unit to gain access to your home. This can be especially tempting for thieves who see a first-floor window unit as a gateway to easy access. Central air doesn’t have any impact on the safety or security of your home because it doesn’t require you to leave major security breaches out in the open for all to see.

4. Even Cooling

A window unit only cools a limited space within your home. Cooling your whole house using AC units requires you to essentially place a unit in every window. In addition to being expensive, this solution is also highly impractical. The uneven cooling offered by window units can be frustrating for homeowners. While the area directly next to the device can be uncomfortably chilly, the air just a few feet away still feels heavy and hot. With central air, you’re getting even distribution of cool air throughout your entire home.

5. Added Value for Your Home

You’ll spend hundreds of dollars per window air conditioning unit without ever seeing a return on investment. Window AC units don’t add a dime to a home’s value. By contrast, installing central air has a strong return on investment because central air is one of the most desirable home features. That means you get to enjoy all the benefits of a cool, comfortable, and efficient home today while also watching your home value continue to increase in the future. That’s a win-win situation for any homeowner.

6. Better Filtration

Window AC units are often filled with dirt, dust, and debris. While they have filters, these filters are not considered high-quality filters. The story is completely different with central air conditioning. Today’s HVAC units contain high-tech filtration systems that use high-grade air filters. If you have any allergy or asthma sufferers living in your home, the difference in air quality experienced after an upgrade can be like night and day.

7. Better Efficiency

Window air conditioner units tend to be far less effective than central air conditioning systems. While many people assume that window units represent the “budget” option, the truth is that you may actually be throwing away more money than you know simply because of inefficiency. Here’s a look at why central air conditioning is more effective than a window unit:

  • Window air conditioners don’t circulate the air in a room as efficiently as central air. As a result, you’re going to constantly adjust your unit’s setting when trying to get comfortable with a window unit. The constant revving up and revving down wastes energy.
  • When cooling multiple areas in a home, using several window air conditioners will use more electricity than a central air conditioner.
  • Due to the fact that you don’t want to leave window units running all day long when you’re not home, you’ll need to cool a very warm home when you return at the end of the day. When you have central air, a smart system can gradually adjust temperatures to save energy during times when you’re not home while also ensuring that you’ll return to a perfectly cooled environment.
  • If you’re using an older window unit, its outdated efficiency rating is probably costing you hundreds of dollars in needless energy usage.

The reality is that cooling accounts for a large portion of your energy bill during warmer months. With this in mind, homeowners should do everything to ensure that they’re using the most efficient cooling method possible. The beauty of central air conditioning is that it wins out as the most efficient while also providing a more comfortable environment. The big takeaway is that there’s no need to suffer with the lousy performance of a window unit for the sake of saving money when central air is the more cost-effective option.

8. Ease of Operation

The dials on a window unit can be clunky, confusing, and cumbersome. In addition, you have to be standing right next to the unit to control it. It’s totally different when you have central air. Many people use smart thermostats that can be controlled from anywhere. Yes, that means that you can even control your air settings using your phone when you’re away from home! You’ll also have many options for setting temperatures for different times of the day to save energy.

9. No More Installing Window Units Every Season

One of the most frustrating aspects of using window units is the ritual of installing them each summer. For people in climates that don’t require year-round cooling, units have to be removed, cleaned, and stored at the end of each summer. The task of propping up a unit inside a window is grueling! In addition, finding room to store large, clunky units is a big ordeal for homes that don’t have huge garages, attics, or basements. The worst part about doing all of the work to take window units out of storage each spring to install them again is knowing that you’re just going to have to remove them in three to four months. There’s also the stress of knowing that improper installation of a window unit may allow rain and moisture into your home which could create mold and rot issues. Central air conditioning completely eliminates these hassles. While routine cleaning and inspection can help to keep your central air system in top condition, this can be a completely hands-off task that you entrust to a team of HVAC professionals.

Is It Time to Upgrade to Central Air Conditioning in Newark, Delaware?

Have you battled a frustrating, outdated window air conditioning unit for what you hope is the last time? Delaware Heating & Air Conditioning Service can help you move your home into the future. Central air is a great choice if you want to:

  • Save on energy costs.
  • Increase the value of your home.
  • Stop hot and cold spots.
  • Create a more inviting indoor environment.

We can introduce you to a variety of modern, energy-efficient systems to fit your needs. Our team can also help you to maintain your system for optimal performance year after year. Contact Delaware Heating & Air Conditioning Service today!