Air conditioning may not be the big thing on your mind as the air turns crisp this fall. However, it should be. Fall can be the best time to purchase a new air conditioner that will have you sitting pretty by next summer. Upgrading your AC before the first big temperature dip of next year can help you to:

  • Save money on both the unit and installation costs.
  • Get a system with high-efficiency features.
  • Get a discount on a better model.
  • Enjoy a more flexible installation window when compared to other seasons.
  • Avoid spending another dime on AC repairs this year!

The benefits of purchasing air conditioning in the fall apply whether you’re looking for a window unit or a new system for central air conditioning. If you just can’t wait until next summer to get a new AC system, your patience is about to be rewarded! Let’s talk about why waiting for the leaves to begin turning can help turn down the cost of getting air conditioning at your home!

HVAC Contractors Have More Availability

“HVAC professionals are busy working on heating units during winter months, which can contribute to a longer wait and greater expense than during the fall or spring, according to Forbes. While you may think that the opposite of the busy summer season is the winter season, the truth is that winter is a very busy time for HVAC contractors. They are often booked up with clients dealing with heating issues. In fact, the general rule to follow is that contractors are busiest when the weather is at its most extreme.

That’s why summer and winter are the “busy” seasons. Fall provides a sweet spot for people looking for AC services because new AC installations have essentially died down by the middle of August. That means that many contractors are willing to offer competitive bids to stay busy until winter. While spring is also a “down” season, it tends to be a little busier than fall because people are already planning ahead to have air conditioning installed before it gets too hot.

You Don’t Want to Be Caught by Surprise

If you suspect that this is your last summer with your current AC unit due to telltale signs like strange sounds, leaks, or uneven cooling, it’s time to start thinking ahead to next summer. Don’t wait for your air conditioning to fail on a hot day before you make a change. You can take care of the problem during the fall to ensure that you’re ready to go when that first hot day of the summer catches you by surprise next year. It’s very likely that you’ll lose momentum to replace your AC before next summer if you don’t do it now because the cool winter temperatures will cause you to downplay the urgency of making sure you have functional air conditioning.

You Don’t Want to Waste Money on Repairs for Another Year

Holding on to an air conditioner for another year can set you up for pricey repair bills that are only delaying the inevitable. In addition to paying for inspection and repairs, you’ll also pay more in energy costs if you’re trying to run an inefficient system. Why not just put what you would spend in inspections, repairs, and sky-high energy bills toward a new unit instead?

You’re Doing Fall Cleaning

While we talk a lot about spring cleaning, the truth is that most people do their “heavy lifting” during fall because the crisp air and comfortable temperatures make it easier to do big cleaning projects around the home. Knowing that you’ll be nestled in your home all winter also provides motivation to get everything neat and tidy. If you’re getting your home organized this fall, it’s a great time to clean out the area where your current unit is to make room for a fresh unit.

The Deals on AC Units Tend to Appear in the Fall

Buying air conditioning in the fall is smart simply from a market perspective. All of the units that stores and contractors stocked up on for the summer that didn’t sell are now just waiting in storage. In most cases, contractors and stores would rather sell the units today than hang on to them for next season because people shopping in the summer will be looking for the newest options. What’s more, it’s a safer bet for sellers to unload units as quickly as possible simply based on the way that efficiency standards can change so rapidly from year to year.

Some Tips for Getting Bigger Deals on Air Conditioning in the Fall

Let’s talk about some savvy tips for getting a great bargain on air conditioning in the fall. While you may find some deals posted, the truth is that it often takes a little bit of detective work to dig up the best deals on air conditioning in the fall. Here are some tips if you’re shopping specifically for a window unit:

  • “Demand for air conditioners is at its lowest in the cooler months, so retailers often find themselves overstocked with window units,” according to the Spruce.
  • Local big-box stores often place unsold air conditioning units in the clearance section. Don’t assume that no deals on AC units are available just because the regular AC aisle is bare.
  • If you want to save yourself the ride, call all of the big-box stores within a 10-mile radius of your home to ask if they have any AC units on discount at the moment. In most cases, a sales associate will check for you. They may even be able to put the discounted unit aside for you.
  • Ask your local big-box store if someone can put aside any returns for you. Someone might be making a late-season AC return because they’re finally getting around to boxing up a unit they don’t want before the return date expires. Once the unit gets back in the store, it will be sharply discounted.

Of course, you may be exclusively looking for ways to save money on central air conditioning in the fall. It’s possible to get a hidden discount if you know what to do. Here’s a look:

  • While local HVAC companies don’t usually advertise discount rates, there’s nothing stopping you from reaching out directly to contractors in your area to ask about getting a special coupon.
  • If you want central air, ask if a local company will give you a discount on installation if you sign up for a maintenance package for your total heating and cooling needs. Contractors may be eager to get payment for a package during the slow season.
  • Ask if you can get a discount by being flexible. If you have a pretty open schedule, ask a local contractor if they will give you a discount if you don’t mind agreeing to whatever installation time they have available.

The bottom line is that it never hurts to ask when you want to get a deep discount on a new central air system. You might be surprised what contactors are willing to throw in if you simply ask about getting a deal. Of course, it’s important to be realistic about your expectations. Things like labor, time, and expertise cost what they cost! You can’t expect contractors to do work for free just because you’re getting AC installed during a slow season. The goal isn’t to get away with getting a free AC system. The goal is to get a slightly sweeter deal than you might during the summer. After all, there’s a good chance you’d be stuck trying to get a contractor to your home in a rush if you decided to wait until next summer to upgrade.

The Bottom Line on Getting Air Conditioning Installed in the Fall

Fall is simply a great time to get a new air conditioner without feeling rushed or stressed. If you can manage to save money by choosing fall, you’re in an even better spot! Put getting your air conditioning upgraded on your to-do list for September, October, or November!