An important part of every heating and cooling system is the heat pump. Without it, airflow gets restricted, and the heated or cooled air never arrives to the parts of the home it’s supposed to be in that day. Ran with electricity, the heat pump can trip the circuit breaker and cause you to lose power to various parts of your home.

If your heat pump is tripping the circuit breaker, it could be for various reasons. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the most common causes and offer tips to help you troubleshoot the issue. That way, you don’t deal with uncomfortable temperatures inside your residence. You’ll turn on your AC or heater and not experience a tripped circuit breaker every time you do so.

What Does a Heat Pump Do for the Home?

A heat pump is part of your heating and cooling system that transfers heat from one area to another. It’s typically installed outdoors and can be used to make your home warmer or cooler, whichever temperature you prefer. When a heat pump works correctly, it does its job without tripping the circuit breaker. However, if a problem arises with the part, it’s very common to lose power due to a tripped breaker.

Why a Heat Pump Trips a Circuit Breaker

There are several reasons why a circuit breaker gets tripped by a heat pump. To better understand what causes the issue, we’ve listed a few scenarios below for you to consider. That way, you’re aware of the type of circumstances that occur with tripped circuit breakers. You’ll know what to do if the situation occurs and suddenly you’re without power to various areas of your home.

Here are some of the main causes of a heat pump-initiated tripped breaker:

  • The air filter is dirty. Not only does the indoor air quality diminish, but it also prevents the air from flowing freely. Scheduling regular replacements of air filters are something we highly recommend. Working with the professional to set up a schedule that works well for you is something that you can do easily. If you have pets or someone in the home that has allergies, you’ll replace your filter more frequently in an attempt to improve the indoor air quality exponentially.
  • The heat pump has been wired incorrectly. The company that did the work for the home in the past made a misstep. Now you’re experiencing issues with the heat pump. You’ll need to have it rewired to ensure it does what it’s supposed to do without incident.
  • There are issues with the outdoor fan. Again, it’s something that’s best addressed by a professional. The service tech inspects the heat pump to see why it’s causing the breaker to trip. If a repair is needed, they’ll let you know so that a company can do it swiftly. You’ll have access to a working air conditioner in a matter of no time.
  • The compressor is old or failing. It’s something that you can’t put off any longer, or you’ll have an air conditioner that quits working abruptly. The part will need replacing immediately to ensure that the AC is operational during the hottest days of the year. You won’t want to put it off any longer than you already have to date.
  • The coil condenser is dirty. A thorough cleaning often does the trick. It makes it possible for the air conditioner to come on and stay on. Let the service tech know if you suspect that dirt is the culprit. It will make the entire repair process much easier for both parties involved.

Taking preventive measures to keep the problem from occurring regularly is something we highly recommend. You can prevent the issue from taking place frequently with a little action. You’ll know what to do when the circuit breaker gets tripped, and you can’t get the power to turn back on, too.

You can take preventive measures to keep your heat pump working without tripping the breaker. The next section provides tips that you can apply to your current situation. It makes it far easier to address the issue at hand if you’re aware of the causes of a tripped circuit breaker.

How to Prevent the Circuit Breaker from Being Tripped by the Heat Pump

Taking preventative measures to keep your breaker from being tripped by the heat pump ensures that your heating and cooling systems operate more efficiently. You don’t run the risk of damaging the part, either, by having it turn on and off abruptly. Doing what you can to prevent the problem from occurring ensures that you can heat and cool your home with the greatest ease.

Things you can do to prevent a tripped circuit breaker include:

  • Keep the air filter clean. If you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself, call a professional to tackle the task for you. It takes seconds to complete and can keep the circuit from being tripped by the heat pump. A clean air filter ensures that nothing that shouldn’t pass through it does. The result is better indoor air quality for the entire household.
  • Ensure that all vents are open. You’ll know that the air is flowing through the home the way it should. It doesn’t put extra strain on the heat pump. You can avoid tripping the breaker by taking the time to check each room to see if any of the vents are closed. If they are, open them. You’ll notice a distinct difference in how quickly your home cools.
  • Clean the AC unit regularly. Make sure that dust and dirt haven’t built up on the unit. If they have, gently remove them to clean the AC once again. You don’t want those substances to blow into the home, so a few extra minutes of cleaning each week is definitely worth the effort.
  • Have a professional service the cooling system before turning it on for the first time each year. A good rule of thumb is to have a company come out and inspect the AC before you first use it. Doing so keeps it in excellent working order for longer. You should get at least ten years of life from a new AC. If you don’t, you likely aren’t having the filter or refrigerant changed enough.

If you continue to experience the issue, it could indicate a bigger problem. Reaching out to a professional for assistance is highly recommended. It can resolve the issue for good without costing you lots of money in the process. Seeking the advice of a trained expert ensures that you don’t have a bigger expense to deal with in the future.

Where to Find a Company to Assist You with Your Heat Pump

Spending some time getting to know the various companies in the area has its benefits. It’s something that you can do rather easily, too. There are multiple ways to locate a service tech to assist you with the heat pump issue. If they find it has more to do with your electrical system than the AC, you’ll need to contact an electrician. It may require the electrical to get rewired entirely before you can start using your home’s cooling system once again.

You can get recommendations online or in person. Finding that one company that can assist you with all your heat pump needs is advantageous. Once you’ve located a service provider that you feel good working with, keep their phone number on hand so that you’re ready and able to use their services whenever the need arises.

The internet provides a multitude of resources for you to utilize. You can do a web search and locate many companies in the area that service heat pumps. You can read online reviews and know-how a service provider operates according to its customers. There’s also the option of asking for a personal recommendation. You’ll find many people love talking about their experience hiring a professional and can guide you to making the right decision on who to hire yourself.

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional to Troubleshoot the Issue

Nothing beats the knowledge and expertise of a skilled professional. If you continue to experience problems with your electrical circuit breaker because of your home’s heat pump, it’s time to call a company to get the problem addressed once and for all. Reach out to Delaware Heating and Air with your request for assistance with your HVAC system. We’re experts on heat pump problems and will get to the root of the issue right away.

If you’re a homeowner with a heat pump that trips your circuit breaker, don’t worry. There are things you can do to keep it from happening again. There are professionals in the area willing and able to assist you with your issue. It’s entirely up to you to reach out to us with your request, though. We can’t wait to help you resolve a problem that’s been stressing you out.